Anand Mahindra impressed with 72-yr-old woman’s video, posts honest tweet

A video of a woman doing a heavy workout is being circulated repeatedly on the social media platform. As you can see in the video below, an old lady is pulling off a spectacular boxer’s exercise regime with relative ease. She is being widely praised for her determination and her will to do exercise even at the age of 72.

The ever-so-famous workout is named after the imminent boxer Floyd Mayweather. “I showed Lauren these Mayweather for the first time today. She is all natural! Let me see that birth certificate! There is no way you are 72!” read the caption on the post.

If a 72-year-old woman is doing the workout with ease, why can’t we? Let’s take motivation from this lady who proved us that age is just a number in today’s world.

“This is an inspiring video. #mustwatch This lady will make it difficult for me to skip any of my exercise or yoga sessions hereafter. She has proven again that Age is just a number. My six-pack seeking millennial teammates & @naandiliveli have a match now,” a Twitter user posted the video.

“Why did you have to share this video in the morning, Manoj!? It’s made me feel lazy and flabby compared to this iron woman… Ah well, maybe this is the kick in the rear we all needed to stop making excuses about our exercise routines…☹️,” Anand Mahindra tweeted.