List of 8 countries which instantly kill rapists, India must learn from them

Rape, also known as sexual assault, is forcing a woman to have sex without her consent. It is a worldwide issue and is not confined to any one country. It is not specific to any one neighborhood, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or financial status. Rape is a horrible offence and a crime that deserves the death penalty.

Here is a list of some nations which impose death penalty on rapists:

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia claims to have severe laws against rape in the world. For them, rapists are the major criminals and therefore they are punished publicly. A rapist is sentenced to be beheaded by the sword and his body publicly crucified. This country is known for its stringent laws all over the world.

In Saudi Arabia, a rapist is punished this way (Photo: dailyhunt)


Here, rapists can never escape from the death penalty. In this country, even a French Kiss without permission is considered as rape and can put you in big trouble. The best part is that a sexual assault on a prostitute is also judged as a crime. Here, rapists are liable to imprisonment of 4-15 years depending on their crime and their age.


As far as rape is concerned here, the French are pretty strict. They give jail rapists a jail sentence for 15-years in case of rape that can also be expanded to 30 or life hinging upon the amount of damage and cruelty.


In Norway, the punishment for rape is a jail term of 4-15 years hinging upon the destruction, which has been caused to the injured party.


In the year 2013, India has transformed its rape commandment and turned it more rigorous with its Anti-Rape statement. According to the new bill, a rapist will be put in jail for a period of 7 to 14 years and if necessary, will be given a death sentence as well.

North Korea:

The country has no compassion and sympathy for rapists. Rapists are punished as per the law. A human being involved in a monstrous offence like rape is killed by the firing group.


A rapist is given the death penalty in China. The punishment for this heinous crime in China is a casualty. In a few cases, Chinese authorities also punished rapists by damaging the sex organs.

A rapist is killed publicly in China (photo: ScoopWhoop)


Rapists in the country of Afghanistan get shot in the head in just a period of 4 days or they are hanged till death. So, no one can think of raping a girl here.  

India must learn from these countries who do not show any compassion and sympathy towards the punishment for rapists. In our country, women are not safe. They are raped or murdered by rapists like Akku Yadav in broad daylight. They easily commit crimes because of not having a stringent law in the country. 

It is the need of the hour to curb this horrible crime. A concrete action needs to be taken against perpetrators in our country. The Government should work on strengthening laws dealing with sexual assaults. Death penalty should be imposed on a rape accused. Not even a single rapist should be escaped from the death penalty. The law process needs to be fast so that justice is given as early as possible.

These above-mentioned countries have a stringent law that prevents women from being sexually assaulted. India should also have a stringent law that can protect women, girls, and children from sexual assault.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.