Story of 19-yr-old youth who made ₹80 lakh from Instagram in 6 months

There are several social media platforms in the digital world. Majority of the users surf these sites for entertainment purpose and to interact with their friends, relatives etc. Many people think that spending time on social media is a mere waste of time. You’re wrong if you come up with this statement. Besides all this entertainment stuff, one should take note of the fact that social media also serve as the best opportunity to build a career.

The youths who didn’t get a job outside the world have started to jump into the online world for a better future. Meet Avinash Mada- who has established himself as one of the richest youths in the country. So, how did he manage to become rich with the help of social media? Let’s learn about it. The more he started surfing about Instagram, the better he learnt that there is a massive chance for him to build a strong foundation.

Credits: Marketing Mind

At an age where youths are pursuing studies in college, this 19-year-old B.Tech student of LPU has managed to find a way to earn massive income out of Instagram and that too within 6 months of time. The young entrepreneur who is behind two successful start-ups is now seen as a youth icon in India. He helps people to improve their marketing strategies, teaches them how to earn more and more clientage and followers. He charges each client up to $1,000-2,000.

He added that he had started it all as a hobby as he made an Instagram Page and started to post memes on it. Very soon, he discovered that the followers started to expand with time and companies have also approached him on a product-promotional basis.

He went on to claim that anyone who is into digital marketing can get into this business and earn up to 3-6 Lakh per month with ease.

Talking about Avinash’s clients and future plans, he has clients ranging from E-Commerce Masters to Skin Care Products and as many as 7 freelancers across the world are working with him. He is also offering an IG Empire course to youngsters in which he will teach them how to earn money using small tricks and techniques on Instagram and how to improve the base of followers.

He has been busy working on this course and has recorded around 100 videos which he will offer to his students and charge up to $500-1000 from each one of them.