Highlight of Nissan and Pothole Raja, they are saving life of people by fixing roads

Potholes accidents are ‘deadly’. There have been several accidents and deaths due to an increased count of potholes in the world. The road contractors and higher authorities are taking time to fix it and it is too late to find out people dying due to this.

You never know what would happen when anyone bumps into it accidentally. Deaths due to ‘potholes’ is frightening the people who travel on roads. In fact, pothole deaths sparked a new controversy on inefficiency and corruption among municipal and road-owning authorities.

Credits: The Logical Indian

To spread awareness about the pothole issues and to have a smooth driving experience every day, as many as over 40 influencers took to their social media accounts to express their daily on-road experiences.

Influencers like Rannvijay Singh posted Instagram videos to express ‘on the road diaries’. Rannvijay, in his video, explained how potholes are an aggravated issue to daily commuters and his big challenge while driving.


Upon watching the pothole woes of Rannvijay, an National Government Organisation called ‘PotHole Raja’ replied to his video saying, “Hello there, we can definitely do something together to make our roads pothole-free. Please let us know how to connect. #MissionPotholeFreeIndia”.

Meanwhile, Nissan India joined the bandwagon and collaborated with ‘PotHole Raja’ to sort out the roads the very next day. Nissan learnt about the difficulty of the situation and then took an initiative and fixed as many as 30 potholes in the city of Bangalore and that too in less than 3 hours and over 25 potholes in 2.5 hours.

Credits: The Logical Indian

This method not only attracted many volunteers including the traffic policemen but also ensured that the deadly potholes are fixed permanently.