Will Smith reveals how he fell in love with India and its culture after a wonderful trip

India is a special country and the more people know about it, they instantly fall in love with the nation. Recently, foreigners have expressed their love about India and its culture, with many of them adding that they are feeling utterly peaceful when they come to visit India.

World’s famous Hollywood actor who is popularly known for ‘Men In Black’ series, Will Smith was the recent one to have fallen in love with India. He had landed in Haridwar and offered his prayers to gods and goddesses there. After learning about Indian culture, he was pretty much impressed and also felt comfortable here.


Will Smith also went on to post images from his trip and in no time, it went viral all over the world. His fans from other nations started to know about India’s importance and it created an interest for them to come to India at least once.

Some of his fans even went on to call him an Indian if he just wear traditional Indian attire. Smith wore the Indian mala while he was meditating in a temple.

Sharing the images (along with a video), Will Smith wrote, “My Grandmother used to say, “God Teaches through Experience”. Traveling to India & Experiencing the colors, people and natural beauty has awakened a new understanding of myself, my Art & the Truths of the world.”