14-yr-old Brain makes India proud, wins U-18 World Chess Championship

It is no secret that India has produced countless brightest talents so much so that even other country people are mesmerized by it. Be it academics, sports or any other field, India’s aspiring minds have always lived up to their reputation and make a real case for themselves as successful assets.

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, the Chennai boy R Praggnanandha has done something great in life which others can only dream of. The smart kid who has the knack of making canny moves in Chess game has emerged as a true champion in the World Youth Chess Championship, claiming the gold in the Under-18 Open category

Credits: thebridge.in via ChessBase

India’s youngest and World’s second youngest grandmaster of all time who made his debut in the under-18 section has settled for a cautious draw (9 points) in the 11th and final round against Germany’s Valentin Buckels to top the charts with nine points.

Thanks to International Master Arjun Kalyan for pulling off a crucial draw against top-seeded Armenia’s Shant Sargsyan. (8.5)

It could have been a different story altogether for Praggnanandhaa had it not been for Arjun Kalyan’s defiance.

It is was a third world title for Praggnanandhaa (the under-8 champion in 2013 and the under-10 winner in 2015).

“I chose to play in the under-18 category because I was looked for stiffer competition. Being the second seed and winning the title feels good,” said Praggnanandha.

The champ now travels to the national capital to play the World junior championship next week.

In his short career of playing chess, Praggnanandhaa R. has seen both highs and lows. Through all these fluctuations he has come out strong and bold. To add the fact that he is the best and youngest to have ever graced the sport in India.

Praggnanandha taught many people that age is just a number as anything in the world is possible. It’s all about the passion, grit and determination that keeps one alive and energetic in the concerned field. His inspiration is none other than the legendary Vishwanath Anand.

Having achieved one of the greatest feats in his career at such a young age, he should have got immense praises from all corners of the world. But, unfortunately, the media has never taken any note of this. The typical media is not fond of giving equal praises to each sport.

Every snippet of moments regarding cricket is going rife all over the social media. There is always been so much of hype when it comes to cricket. Why is it so easy for the media to emphasize only cricket and not any other sport?

Every sport deserves equal respect, society has to change its mindset. It is worth mentioning here that the aspiring athletes should get the much-needed praises for their earnest attempts that they make irrespective of what sport they play. Let us give equal importance to all the games in India! Jai Hind!