Indian Engineer designs a Smart Helmet which can save lakhs of lives

As per 2018 data, more than 150,000 people die in traffic accidents each year and taking per day into account, the death rate is 400. Driving without a helmet is highly risky and nobody knows what the real consequence is if someone met with an accident. Time and again, traffic policemen keep advising the citizens to wear helmets while driving because life is precious.

A 22-year-old engineering student who has invented a smart helmet which can save precious lives globally. Jawwad Patel already knew that people are least bothered to wear helmets in India. So he has come up with a great innovation that is going to cause a massive change in the country.

Credits: Pune International Centre

Jawwad Patel designed a smart helmet after his cousin encountered an accident. The smart helmet which he made is paired with the bike in such a manner that the bike would start only when the driver wears a helmet also considering that he is not under the influence of alcohol.

The helmet also warns the driver if he is smoking or using a mobile phone while driving. Interestingly, it also warns the driver if the vehicle is overspeeding or overloaded. The helmet comes with a GPS-system which will help the owner trace the vehicle if it is stolen.

In case, if the driver met with a major accident, then it will send emergency alerts to his known people including the exact location of the accident.

Besides Smart helmet, this Hyderabad-based Jawwad Patel has many other super cool innovations to his credit. Some of them are dewdrop device, smart lock, smart irrigation system, solar car and a quadcopter. All these innovations can be checked out in his site Jawwad Patel Lab.

Jawwad is deeply connected with electronics right from when he was 12-13 years old. He is grateful to his mom and dad for assisting him set up his own laboratory at their home and for supporting him. He is an avid follower of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and wants the government to set up as many as tech incubation centres for the youngsters to help them innovate.