First Batch of women soldiers to be commissioned by Indian army in 2021

It is indeed a proud moment for the entire nation as the daughters are making the country proud than ever before.

Yes, the first batch of 100 women soldiers in the Army is expected to be commissioned by March 2021, as per the reports. The commissioning will reportedly happen after the first batch finishes its training, that will starts in December this year.

Representational image (Credits: ET Times)

It has been learnt that the women soldiers will be reportedly commissioned into the Corps of Military Police of the Indian Army.

A senior Army official reportedly said, “The training period of 61 weeks is similar to that of male soldiers. Batches comprising similar number of soldiers will be trained and commissioned every year.”

As per the reports, cadre of women soldiers in the Corps of Military Police will be carried on at a fixed number of 1,700 corps. The number will be accomplished by filling the corps in batches.

Woman soldiers will be taking responsibilities in policing cantonments and other Army establishments in the Corps of Military Police. They will also be actively involved working hand in hand with civil police of various state governments including the Centre, and also handle prisoners of war and maintenance of rules.

They will also be highly involved in crime investigations. As of now, the women in Army only explore themselves in medical, legal, engineering, signals and educational wings.