Watch: Sikh man steers Royal Enfield on Highway at 120 kmph with Indian flag

They say some unbelievable things happen only in India because we are the only people in the world to take creativity to a whole level. Even the foreigners are mesmerised by our intelligence not just in academics or sports but in entertainment quotient as well.

A video surfaced online has been doing the rounds on social media shows a man taking patriotism to a whole new level. He even risked his life to perform a dangerous stunt.

However, he can be deftly seen riding a bike without holding bike’s handle as he seems very much particular about holding tri-colour in his hand to express his love for India.

Feast your eyes to watch the video below:

India gained Independence from the British rule back in the year 1947. Talking about the details of our national flag that has four colours namely- Saffron, White, Green and Navy blue. Each colour signifies a particular message.

Navy blue wheel with 24 spokes is Dharma Chakra while the saffron colour stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation.

The white colour signifies purity and truth whereas the green stripe stands for faith and fertility. People just can’t get enough of sharing this picture all over the internet.