Maulana performed hilarious dance, now apologizes to people who made it viral

It is no secret that Islamic clerics hit the headlines for all the controversial reasons in the contemporary world.

Whatever act they do, it ends up being hilarious without the shadow of any doubt and one such incident was recorded on social media which spread like wildfire in every nook and corner of the internet world.

An Islamic cleric became an internet sensation for his hilarious dance moves that lit the social media on fire. The internet users can’t take their eyes off the video as they kept playing it again and again.

The video was first posted by Vivek Oberoi Page and received almost 5 lakh views with 1000 plus comments and 12.6k shares. The video received more ‘Haha’ reactions than ‘angry emojis’.

The man in glasses enjoyed himself through and through and danced like he is the best one to have thrown all the best steps in his performance. But little did he know that his dance would go viral and break the internet.

After he learnt that he became famous, he immediately posted a video of himself with innocent face and then apologised to the people who made it viral.

Watch the video below to get a complete clarity: