Aeroplane lands on a Busy Highway, shocked everyone, video goes viral

In a strange incident that took the world by a storm, a small plane landed on a busy stretch of road in Washington state on Thursday.

The incident happened at around 8.15 in the morning as the single-propeller KR2 aircraft made an emergency landing on Pacific Avenue South after facing a fuel system malfunction, according to the authorities.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, confirmed Johnna Batiste of the Washington State Patrol, sharing images of the plane and a video of the landing.

The breath-taking video shows the plane landing just before a crossing.

Here’s the video:

The video received plenty of remarks on Twitter from all corners of the world. While some showered praise on the pilot for landing the plane deftly with no injuries to anyone while others took advantage of the incident by cracking jokes.

Digging a bit deep about the unexpected incident, Trooper Batiste while speaking to Fox 56 said how safely he was able to make an emergency landing.

“He (the pilot) could see the straight stretch of roadway, and he knew he had to make an emergency landing, and he was able to do so safely. It was a series of very lucky events. There happened to be a break in traffic and the plane did not come into contact with any vehicles or pedestrians.”