Bengaluru cop wins people’s hearts for covering up dangerous Manhole, let’s share it

Bengaluru cop has set a great example which other cops in different states should take note of. He worked beyond the call of duty by covering up an uncovered dangerous manhole.

As a cop, he could have easily hesitated by saying this is not my job but he remained there and closed an open manhole.

After this gesture, the police constable received laurels from his seniors for his quick presence of mind as his act averted a possible accident.

The constable by the name of Girish M and his picture has gone viral on social media after a passerby captured him filling the pothole.

The incident happened on Sunday when the constable saw the open manhole while he was driving his police jeep in Sector 3 of HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

As per Times Of India, Girish spotted it when a woman and her daughter were walking very close to it. Soon after seeing it, he parked his jeep and deboarded the vehicle only to cover it up.

Hailing from Shivamogga, Girish was recruited in the police force in 2007. He said that he read a piece of news and was moved by it. Yes, a constable’s daughter died of burn injuries and since then, he decided to be extra careful about social issues.

“We should not wait for anyone if we see any public health hazard. People should volunteer themselves in attending to such problems,” Girish told the Times Of India.