Mumbai woman thrashes Railway clerk as he tried to steal her phone, video goes viral

In a shocking incident which was recorded in Mumbai on June 20, a railway clerk tried to steal woman’s mobile phone and what happened next is the biggest twist.

A woman bought a train ticket from the booking counter at the Mumbai Central Railway Station and after booking, she left her phone there by mistake.

When she got back to the same counter where she forgot her mobile phone, the clerk allegedly said that there was no phone there.

Times Of India quoted a Western Railway (WR) official as saying, “A woman forgot her mobile at the booking counter at 6pm. When she returned and asked the operator the clerk denied having seen the mobile.”

After not being convinced by the clerk’s response, the woman with her friend strayed into booking office and then looked around for a while and identified her mobile phone cover which was lying under the booking clerk’s seat. She boldly took the next step by checking the clerk’s pockets and happened to find her phone there.

As per the Times Of India, the woman left the place temporarily and then returned with other women commuters to confront the clerk whose name is Manoj Jaiswal. She recorded a video of her beating up the clerk left, right and centre, accusing him of stealing the mobile but the clerk does not seem to respond. The video has been doing the rounds on social media.

Though the woman did not file an official complaint against Manoj Jaiswal, rather she made up her mind to settle the matters in her own hands.

As per the reports, Jaiswal was suspended based on a report by the deputy station superintendent (commercial) and booking in-charge.

Watch the video here: