4 Prisoners escape Jail in Kamal Nath’s Madhya Pradesh, they are facing Murder, rape charges

In shocking news, four prisoners escaped from Neemuch district prison in Kanawati in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The culprits who were serving murder, rape charges and smuggling drugs sketched out an escape plan.

With cunning ideas, they managed to scale the walls with a rope tied to an electricity pole outside. After they have been found missing in the jail, the police initiated the investigation for the four.

After learning upon the incident, Home Minister Bala Bachchan commanded a magisterial investigation and then suspended six prison personnel, including an assistant jail superintendent.

“Police have traced the convicts, identified their accomplices, and they will all be arrested soon,” he added in a statement.

It has been learnt that all the culprits are between 19 and 21 years of age only. While Lekhram Bawari of Mandsaur was detained for murder charges, 19-year-old Dubey Lal Dhurve from Mandla is serving out a 10-year prison term for rape whereas Nar Singh and Pankaj Mongia were jailed for drug-related crimes.

According to the police, the fugitives broke out of prison using ropes to scale the 22-feet boundary wall, said the police.