Avid Modi fan in the US booked an entire cinema hall just to see Lok Sabha Poll results

People across India are desperately waiting for the election results as they are hooked to their TV sets watching the Lok Sabha elections. Well, the madness is not just in India but even in the United States too.

Yes, Indians who are residing there are standing in a queue at a movie theatre only to watch the Lok Sabha election results.

An avid fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has booked a whole movie theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota so that people in the vicinity can come and see the Lok Sabha election results on the big screen.

An IT professional by the name of Ramesh Noone organised the screening of the poll results in movie hall by means of several news channels.
The netizens started to get the results from 9:30 pm according to the US timing.

Around 150 persons bought tickets which has been priced for $15 (Rs 1000)Hindustan Times reported.

Other places in the US like Florida, Washington DC, Texas, and California have also established election results watch, the report said.

After an extremely tiring month-and-a-half long seven phase Lok Sabha elections 2019, the counting of votes is now underway.