Mizoram Kid who tried to save chicken’s life receives PETA India’s ‘Compassionate Kid’ Award

Do you remember this Mizoram kid, Derek C Lalchhanhima? He became an overnight sensation on social media for swiftly taking a chicken to the hospital with his pocket money. The innocent boy accidentally ran over his neighbour chicken with his cycle.

Soon after this, he took the chicken and rushed to a nearby hospital with all the money he had and then asked for help to save the chicken.

This little boy’s act showed his sense of responsibility, love towards other living creatures and at the same time, it also reflects the kind of socialization he had. Furthermore, it also shows good parenting.

Derek C Lalchhanhima is from Sairang and is just 6 years old. He was rewarded by his school for his heart-touching gesture three weeks ago.

In the latest news, Lalchhanhima has now been awarded the ‘Compassionate Kid’ award by PETA India. PETA India’s ‘Compassionate Citizen’ programme is designed to help students in the best possible way between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

The post which went viral was initially shared by Sanga. He told NDTV that it was Derek’s father who told him about the incident and shared the picture with him. “According to the father, the boy came home with the neighbour’s chick that he had accidentally killed.

He did not understand that the chick is dead and begged his parents to take it to the hospital. His father told him to go himself, which he did with ten rupees.”