This Chennai man was caught raping new born puppies, cops arrested him

Humans can’t stoop to a worse low than this. A man in Chennai has been detained and put behind the bars for allegedly sexually harassing four newborn puppies. The 30-year-old man by the name of Bhaskar from Madhavaram area, was caught on CCTV doing the unimaginable or rather disgraceful act in an empty ground at Mathur near Madhavaram on March 14.

Sai Vignesh who is an animal rights activist told Deccan Chronicle that Bhaskar does this unspeakable act frequently. It has been learnt that he was seen sexually abusing puppies at the second cross street in MMDA colony last month, Vignesh said, adding that passersby slammed the accused for his shameful act. But Bhaskar again sexually abused puppies at the empty ground in the same area.

After Vignesh’s initial complaint, a senior inspector with the Chennai police told The New Indian Express that the crime is not clear and even the CCTV footage didn’t qualify as solid evidence to the case.

Following this unforgivable brutality, animal rights activist Sai Vignesh’s police complaint led to his arrest on March 27, nearly 2 weeks after the report.

The repeated offender Bhaskar has been booked under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which corresponds to charges of doing obscene acts in public. According to the latest reports, Bhaskar who is in prison is waiting for further interrogation.