B’wood actress Urmila Matondkar attacks PM Modi for growing intolerance in India

Just a day after Urmila Matondkar began her new innings with Congress, the actor accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government of increasing intolerance in the country. In the next day, she made a series of allegations and questioned the Modi government and its current policies. “Personally Modi is good, but his policies are not,” Urmila Matondkar said on Thursday.

When asked about her decision to join the Congress, actor Urmila Matondkar said, “I have read a lot about Gandhi ji, Nehru ji. My family followed the ideology of the Congress party.” “This is a democratic country. People should be free to speak and eat what they want. But look at the situation today when your comment or statement is related to your religion,” Urmila Matondkar said.

Credits: IndiaToday via IANS

Urmila Matondkar alleged that people are taking down against each other based on religion.

“There is so much hatred now. People are killing each other on the basis of religion,” the actor-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar added in a statement.

Urmila Matondkar also said that people across the nation are not pleased with the ruling party. “All false promises are being made and unemployment is its peak,” Urmila said.

When asked about her political innings, Urmila said, adding that she did not join the Congress party only for fighting elections. “I have more important issues to fight for. I am here to stay and play longer innings,” she said.

Needless to say, she said she still didn’t know if she would be contesting the Lok Sabha elections.

A few days ago, Urmila Matondkar was on the receiving end of trolls social media to which she said, “Instead of spending on trolls, BJP should spend the same amount on people of our country and farmers. It would have helped.”

Urmila Matondkar also pointed out that the artists are treated badly harassed on the basis of religion in Bollywood. “They are not treated well and asked to leave the country,” Urmila said.