Viral video: Woman tries to fill petrol in ‘electric car’, people burst into laughter

A video is being repeatedly circulated on social media featuring a woman trying to fill in petrol that too in an ‘electric’ Tesla car in the United States. Tesla is a premium league American automotive and energy company which manufactures electricity enabled automobiles. But the woman in the video was seen driving the Tesla S model which operates on a floor-mounted battery.

The 3-minute clip was recorded by men who were sitting in a car behind the Tesla S model while waiting for their turn to fill petrol at the station. First of all, the video starts with the woman holding the petrol pump pipe, trying to find the slot to fill in the petrol.


However, she couldn’t figure it out. Later, she can be seen making few rounds around the car, checking under the seats in a bid to find the fuel tank outlet. Meanwhile, witnessing the woman trying to fill petrol in the Tesla, the guys who were recording the video burst into laughter at the woman’s confusion about her own car.

After trying hard for almost three minutes, the woman later tries calling for help to locate the fuel tank outlet on the car. Moments after some time, one of the men who was recording the video came up to the woman and gave her a detailed explanation about the car.

The woman with a lack of knowledge about her own car after getting to know about some information laughed and then moved on with the car after thanking them. The video is viral on the internet as it has garnered more than 1.6 million views on YouTube.

Watch the video here: