Foreigners trend “What’s wrong with India” on Twitter, Indians give it back

The “What’s Wrong in India” trend emerged on Twitter and rapidly gained traction, sparking widespread debate and opinions. This trend aimed to counter xenophobic and anti-Indian sentiments by Indian users creating keyword trends to challenge biased algorithms, shedding light on instances of individuals defaming India globally.

The story started 10 days ago when a Spanish tourist was gang-raped in Dumka, Jharkhand. There was massive social media outrage over the incident, with many accounts sharing their negative experiences traveling in India. Thousands of netizens have started tweeting against anti-Indian elements who often criticize Indians based on religion, region, economy, and many other factors. Indians have started exposing the lies hidden beneath the foreign countries and putting them on the anti-India agenda.

Below are some tweets that highlight the harsh reality of the anti-India agenda. Netizens have started trolling the biased algorithm of Elon Musk’s X for forcefully trending the keyword ‘What’s Wrong with India’. Meanwhile, several tweets under the keyword “the starchy nature of foreign culture” featured a pile of garbage being thrown inside a subway in New York City, USA, and the subway doors could not close.

Many tweets showed video footage of people taking baths inside the metro. Another disgusting video shows a man pooping on a bucket where a worker had placed his mop to clean the streets. As the keyword trended, videos of the untold truth of the streets of NYC began surfacing online. In one of the tweets, a person can be seen purportedly demonstrating a street where people were roaming around like alleged drug-addicted citizens. According to the voiceover in the video, the footage is from Philadelphia.

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