The Tauba-Tauba reporter is back again, this time he reports from Indo-Pak border

The Pakistani reporter is doing the rounds on the Internet in India for his ‘Tauba Tauba’ rant during a live tv broadcast after India forced duties on the export of tomatoes across the border which has returned. The reporter’s latest video clip has gone widespread on social media once again. He can be seen repeating his amusing behaviour from the previous video as he’s reporting from the field.

The live reporting was aired on Pakistan’s Channel 42, wherein ‘Tauba Tauba Tamatar’ reporter is making same threats that he had made in the previous video, about Pakistan and its army being all set to make India do ‘Tauba Tauba’.

The reporter in the query, then inside his channel’s newsroom, had started on an apparently never-ending verbal attack at India, echoing that India had done a bad thing by preventing the supply of Tomatoes to Pakistan and that if India thought that such tricks would work against Pakistan, it was mistaken.

Well, his exact words were to warn that Pakistan would respond India’s Tomatoes with “Nuclear bombs”.

Watch the video below: