Watch: While the Guard was under the train, Careless driver started the train

A video of Guard escaping with no injuries below the running train is going viral on social media. While the guard was trying to fix the pipe under the coach, the train started moving all of a sudden. Thankfully, he had a miraculous escape and had it not been for his quick thinking, the story could have been a different one altogether.

The Digha-bound Howrah Digha express moved up to some certain distance with Railway Protection Force personnel shouting and trying to catch the attention of the driver. The incident took place around 11:30 am on Friday which was about 20 minutes after the train left the Howrah station.

The guard identified as SN Roy went below coach in order to inspect the reason why the train had stopped suddenly. In the inspection process, he came to know that the air pressure brake system had a snag and was so busy fixing it. Just as when he coupled the pipe, the train started moving. However, he then hung onto a pipe under the carriage.

Railway Protection Force also issued a statement that said its constable Swarup Dutta, who had reached the spot, “maintained his calm and immediately, collected the walkie-talkie from the guard stuck in between the moving train. He ran beside the moving train with walkie-talkie in his hands and contacted the train driver shouting at him to immediately stop the train.”

The train, however, kept on running. It was constable’s Dutta’s shouts triggered an RPF personnel on the train to pull the alarm chain in a bid to bring it to an instant halt.

“We have ordered for an inquiry into the incident. Primarily we suspect that it happened because of lack of communication between the guard and the driver,” said Sanjoy Ghosh, the spokesperson of South Eastern Railway.

Watch the video below:-

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