People are coughing up Blood in Bangkok because of ‘Smog’, it is very scary

The situation in Thailand is not good at all and it is hard to imagine! Due to Thailand smog and intense air pollution, people are coughing blood. Previously, in this week, one more local thought that he is going to die because he was rushed to hospital’s ICU with acute bronchitis and hypoxemia.

As per Daily Mail, toxic smog in Thailand contains dangerous PM2.5 particles, which got stuck in citizen’s lungs. One office worker identified as Nutthawut Sirichainarumit posted a selfie, last week, showing his hand full of blood, which came out after when he sneezed.

“Two days ago, my nose was hurt when breathing. I sneezed all night and it was the even worse when my sneeze had blood the next morning.”

“I was totally shocked because I never sneezed blood before in my entire life. I believe the dust is to blame,” he said.

Another local said, “The polluted air also brings germs and viruses that gradually affect our bodies. Even though you think you’re healthy, this horrible environment is going to disturb you in some way.”

The Thai government has been trying various methods to tackle this problem as they are flying drones to spray water but unfortunately, it has not helped.

Apart from humans even voiceless animals have also started showing scary signs of illness.

Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida, who is UN Environment’s regional coordinator for chemicals, waste and air quality, said the government needs to take ‘important action’ and that a solution for time being is to halt factories from burning waste.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.