World’s Tallest Durga Idol built by a Muslim man, wins people’s hearts

In sensational news, a 61-year-old man made the world’s tallest goddess Durga idol following which it officially made it to Limca Book of Records. Hailing from Guwahati, Nuruddin Ahmed built a 98-feet-tall idol made out of bamboo during the Durga Puja in September 2017 at a Pandal in Bishnupur.

“While most people appreciated my work and did not disturb me, some would often ask me if my ‘dharma’ conflicted with my work,” said Ahmed, as quoted in Indian Express. “But where does religion come into the picture? Xilpi’r kunu dharma nai (Artistes do not have any religion).”

Credits: Twitter

It has been learnt that around 40 people including Hindus and Muslims worked together for 7 days to build the idol. “We had actually taken forty days to build it- it was ready by September 17. However, a big storm destroyed it a week before Durga Puja and we had to rebuild from scratch,” said Ahmed.

The five-day festival of Durga Puja is one of the most significant festivals in eastern India, especially in West Bengal, Orrisa and Assam.

Ahmed received a letter from the Limca authorities last month but it went widespread on social media this Wednesday. “I do work for mandirs and pujas, xattras (monastic orders of 16th-century poet-saint Sankardeva) and naamghars, as well as masjids,” said Ahmed.

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