Men can eat their wives if they are hungry to the core, says top Saudi Sheikh’s fatwa

Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah has issued a new fatwa, saying men in Saudi Arabia “can eat their wives if they are suffering severe hunger”, as reported by the Mirror.
The ruling is said to highlight the “sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband”. On the contrary, human right activists are extremely angry by the fatwa.

Credits: Arab News

The fatwa guidelines permit a husband to eat his wife’s body parts in extreme circumstances. Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah had previously sparked huge controversy when he called on all churches to be completely destroyed under the Islamic law.
However, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh has opposed issuing such a fatwa. His statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) says “attempts by enemies to distract society from their main cause at the moment, which is standing together behind our wise leadership against attempts to distort the ummah [the world’s Muslims].”
It should be noted that the news of the fake fatwa was first mentioned in a ‘sarcastic column’ written by a satirist Moroccan blogger called “Israfel al-Maghribi”, reports the CNN Arabi.
Note: The information given above was taken from IndiaToday website.