Ghaziabad: a dead body found without head, head taken away by the killer

Recently, a disturbing incident has surfaced from Ghaziabad that has gained significant attention on social media. On the roadside of Ghaziabad’s Loni Bhopura Road, a young man was brutally murdered by having his throat slashed. The culprit also severed the head of the victim and took it away.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage near the scene where a headless body was discovered. The head remains missing despite an extensive search. Authorities are conducting a post-mortem examination and suspect that the victim was murdered somewhere else and the body was brought here and thrown.

Assistant Police Commissioner Siddharth Gautam said that the body had been sent to the mortuary. The footage of CCTV cameras installed around the incident site is being examined. Nearby police stations and district police are also being contacted. According to the police, the age of the body is around 30 years. The orange-colored shirt was stained with blood while the youth wore black and white-colored lowers. A sofa cover was also found stained with blood near the dead body. The police called people to identify the youth but most refused to identify him.

The police team found something written on the right hand of the dead youth which is not understandable. Apart from this, there are marks of cuts made by a sharp object on the left hand. However, these cuts were old. In the afternoon, the dog squad team also reached the spot and investigated but no important evidence was found.

The ACP says that the list of people missing in the last week in Delhi and nearby police stations is being searched. Online portals and police stations are being contacted. Also, the staff of all police stations and outposts has been alerted. Two teams are busy checking the CCTV footage installed near the incident spot. So far no suspicious vehicle has been seen in which the dead body was brought and thrown.

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