Tea seller’s daughter will study in US’s top college with a scholarship of Rs 3.8 crore

In a competitive world, every aspiring mind has a different story to tell and behind every aspirant’s success, there is an interesting backstory which we are unheard of and Sudeeksha Bhati’s story is well and truly inspiring which surely needs to be told.

Being the daughter of a tea-seller, she made giant strides to get rid of difficulties. After giving absolutely everything in academics, she is going to the United States Of America. Yes, Sudeeksha got a scholarship of Rs 3.8 crore and is now going to study at Babson College.

Credits: IndiaTimes

Sudeeksha is the first generation in her family to ever learn and study and very soon she is going to be the first one to travel abroad to study further. She worked hard day and night and scored an outstanding 98% in her CBSE Board Examinations and much to her hard work, grit and determination to succeed, she has topped her district in style.

For her success, she has been awarded a full scholarship of 70,428 USD per semester (Rs 3.83 crore) for the 4-year undergraduate program by Babson College which is one of the Top colleges in the USA.

Also, she is linked with the Voice of Women initiative- an organization that combats eve teasing and helps families send their daughters to school safely. “I am happy that I could achieve my dream of studying in the United States. The realization that hard work pays off has further motivated me to be focused and aim higher.

I am happy that my achievement is today a source of happiness for my family and my school. I am positive and hopeful that I will continue to work hard and accomplish my dreams and make my family and school proud of me.” says Sudeeksha, reports Times Now.

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