The Story of a leading blogger of India, who was once ridiculed, and called ‘useless’

Who doesn’t want an easy life, anyway? And if you earn a good amount of money and get fame along, it’s almost a dream come true, isn’t it? This is something what every youth wants- to earn huge money and become famous. Satyajit Majumder is a perfect paradigm who has materialized his dream at such a young age. He is 23 now and has become one of India’s leading bloggers. But the journey was not that easy, it was full of obstacles. In college days, his friends used to ridicule him for he was overweight. He was called “elephant”, “Fatty” by his very immediate classmates.

Satyajit first concentrated on losing his weight, he worked round the clock and after 6 months of rigorous workout, he reduced his weight from 105kg to 73kg. He became an inspiration to many who wished to cut their fat and be fit. The only mantra of Satyajit was a strong will and dedication towards what he wanted to achieve.

Right after losing weight, he embarked on building up his career where he chose blogging. He does not only obtain his livelihood through this means, but also influences a large audience which follows him on social media. He has over 1 lakh followers on Instagram alone. Satyajit also encourages youths to start blogging and give them reasons why they must. Here is an article written by him…

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@Thetwoinoneguy is one of the kolkatas fastest-growing fashion , lifestyle , food and motivation blog created with a vision to endow his readers about the best fashion insights and latest brand products , having worked with more than 80 Brands and restaurants across India, including Daniel wellington,Wrogn,Times Of India , Godrej,Elle India,Shein India ,Thrumm,Color Plus,Mamasan,Asia house etc. He is the only male influencer from india who is invited to MEXICO for an INTERNATIONAL tv series to work as a mentor and to spread the percept that  “FASHION IS FOR EVERYONE ” .He believes one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and we believe he is the perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover . He was also invited by CALCUTTA MEDICAL COLLEGE as a chief guest to the biggest event of kolkata “MR RAPHSODY ” where he was the judge . Nothing comes one day , believe in yourself , work hard and dream big . Let your success make the noise .

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