After returning from Pakistani jail, Indian man sends a big message to the youths

Finally arrived in India, after Hamid Ansari’s forgettable experience to Pakistan wasted 6 boring years of his life, he has one strong message to the youth. He said, “Don’t fall in love over Facebook.”

Hailing from Mumbai, Ansari is a professional software engineer by trait. He got into trouble after he illegally went to Pakistan in an attempt to save his girlfriend, a girl whom he had stumbled upon on Facebook, from a ‘forced marriage’.

Credits: PTI

But it didn’t happen as per the plan. Ansari failed to meet his girlfriend after he illegally travelled to Pakistan. He was near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in 2012 for having a fake Pakistani ID card.

Ansari was given three-year imprisonment by a military court in December 2015 after being imposed with charges of ‘espionage’ and ‘involvement’ in anti-state activities on him.

A day after he joined his family in Mumbai, Ansari when asked about what advice will he share to people who fall in love over Facebook, said, “Don’t take (that) risk. Don’t fall in love. Don’t fall in love by trusting (what is on) Facebook.”

“Never hide anything from your parents. Only your parents stand by your side in testing times. And never resort to any illegal means to go to any place,” Ansari said while speaking to PTI.

Ansari who returned to India on Wednesday said the news of his release was unexpected.

“At 6.30 am on Tuesday, the (jail) deputy superintendent came to me and said you have half an hour to be ready (for release). I was very excited and decided not to waste a single moment. I changed my clothes, put on my shoes and sat in the vehicle. The convoy was ready (for my journey),” he said.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.