PUBG Addiction: Schools Warn Parents About Kids Playing The Game 24×7

Nowadays, the majority of the children have smartphones in their pockets. With hand-held devices, they can either make use of the time to good effect or they can simply pass the time just by playing games. It’s up to them. Well, playing for entertainment is no wrong!

But if you keep on repeating it time and time again, then there is really a problem. Take for example:- PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) which has become one of the most popular games among all age groups in India since its inception in March 2018. To put it in simple terms, the game became a total addiction.

Credits: IGN

PubG has well and truly managed to dominate Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Railrush. There is even a PUBG-themed cafe around it in Jaipur, people are getting married in PUBG style. Interestingly, even the members of the Indian Cricket Team are into this game after the end of the cricket match.

On Tuesday, Google released its annual list of Android’s best applications and games of this year and PUBG Mobile won the award as the ‘Best Game’, ‘Most Competitive Title’ and ‘Fan Favorite’ categories.

PUBG craze has reached South India as well and some schools in Bengaluru have started to warn parents about the bad effects of playing the game for hours after cases of addiction were reported to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, as reported by Deccan Herald.

As per the reports, the Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Private schools Karnataka will also give a word of advice to parents that they should keep an eye on the hours spent by their kids on the game.

“We will ask our member schools to write to parents about this. We have, in the past, had discussions with the education department on imposing restricts on the number of hours a child spends playing such games,” KAMS was quoted by Deccan Herald.

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