Yet another leftist professor crosses his limits, he calls Bhagat Singh “a terrorist”

The University of Jammu has suspended a senior professor for calling one of India’s freedom fighters as a “terrorist”. The Professor of political science at the University of Jammu identified as Tajuddin, referred to Bhagat Singh as a “terrorist” during his lecture. A clipping of the lecture went widespread on social media, sparking a flame.

Annoyed by the professor’s remark at the first place, students of the university wrote a letter to Vice-Chancellor Manoj Dhar, demanding a strict action against the professor Taijuddin. The university then ordered an investigation into the incident. Post that, the university has also ordered Tajuddin’s suspension and said he could not attend classes till the investigation was over.

(Credits: Jammu University/File Photo)

Tajuddin, however, clarified his comment, saying his objective was to not hurt the sentiments of people. He said, “I also consider Bhagat Singh a revolutionary. He is one of the people who sacrificed their lives for the country.”

The professor also added that the video doing the round on internet was part of a longer lecture and was misinterpreted. The complaint is based on a short clip, in which the professor is allegedly heard saying, “Terrorism yahan bhi hua, azadi ke daur mein. Bhagat Singh, hum unko hero mantey hein, woh bhi terrorist they’ (Terrorism took place even in India during freedom struggle. Bhagat Singh, whom we consider a hero, he was also a terrorist)”.

“I was teaching about the Russian revolutionary Lenin and in that context, I said state calls any violence against it ‘terrorism’. Someone took a 25-second video out of my two-hour lecture. The terrorist word came in that, it wasn’t what I meant. Still, if anyone is hurt, I’m really sorry for it.,” the professor was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

“Bhagat Singh was a patriot and a freedom fighter and I have no doubt about it,’’ he said.