Indore IMC Authorities vandalise shop of poor welder, leaves him jobless

Indore Municipal Corporation may be well known for making the city number one in cleanliness in the country, but not without a mammoth price, which is being paid by the poor only. The IMC imposed several strict rules allegedly only on the poor, not on the rich. The corporation banned polythene bags whose thickness falls under a certain category. Several other decisions have fumed the locals.

Moreover, the IMC is accused of being selective- it dumbs all rules on roadside vendors, not on big business tycoons of the city. Recently a poor mechanic, who had a makeshift shop at an open spot, was hammered. His shop was vandalized by the authorities and he was left helpless. Surprisingly, there was allegedly illegal encroachment on a plot close to his shop, but the plot was not touched as the owner had some political contacts.

In the photo, Kailash’s father standing in the middle, along with other vendors

The shop vendor’s name is Kailash and he has a 6 member family. He somehow managed to buy a shop and started a daily business of welding. After suffering a loss, he said he was going through mental harassment and wanted to commit suicide.

“I have no source of income now. I collected money and built this shop, but they (authorities) ruthlessly vandalized it. How will I feed my family? Why did they take action on me, but ignored my neighbor, who has political contacts”, said Kailash.

Before the incident, Kailash and his father were troubled when electricity bill showed Rs.24,000 due to pay. Generally he would pay around 1 thousand, but sudden jump in the bill added further problem to his life. We hope that Chief Minister Kamal Nath will take such matters seriously and ensure that the poor of his state are no more humiliated at the hands of authorities.