Meet this beautiful British singer who is going viral after she sings Songs in Sanskrit

It doesn’t matter who the person is. The more he/she learns the art of Indian culture, the more he/she loves it. That’s the beauty of the culture. Recently, a YouTuber by the name of Gaiea Sanskrit has managed to capture the heart of the Indians by singing Sanskrit songs.

Hailing from England, she developed an interest in singing Sanskrit songs. She loves singing it because it’s sound makes her feel happy and relax at the same time. Even her name has the language ‘Sanskrit’, which pretty much sums up the whole thing.

Happiness is seeing a British girl singing Sanskrit Songs. For your information, ‘Sanskrit’ is 4000 years old. Feast your eyes to watch this wonderful video:-

In case if you don’t know:- 

In what is a proud moment for the Indians, a 4000-year-old Indian classical language ‘Sanskrit’ would take centre stage for supercomputer coding. Some months ago, Union Minister of State for Skill Development Ananta Kumar Hegde said ‘Sanskrit’ will make its way for coding language for future supercomputers.

According to Mr Hedge, Sanskrit could be the best language for computer algorithm design. He said that ‘Sanskrit’ is being taught again in many European Universities. He even addressed the reporters after delivering an address on skill development at Calcutta Chambers of Commerce.

“While we are becoming too dependent on English in our country, we become unaware of the fact that eminent scientists of the world are coming to the view that Sanskrit is the language for future supercomputers,” he said.

“Under the National Skill Quality Framework, we have started the Indian Skill Development Service which will be taught in the Indian Institute of Skill. It will be a top-level institution,” the Union minister said.

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