7 Youngest IAS Officers in India Who Proved That ‘Nothing Is Impossible’

UPSC exams are one of the toughest but to crack in India, but there are some people have proved that nothing is impossible. The word ‘impossible’ itself says ‘I’m possible’ and maybe these youngest IAS officers believed the same and the success followed them around like a shadow.

In a competitive world, where people sweat it out to give absolutely everything to crack the exam, only very few have able to achieve the feat.  If you have the zeal to do something you can do anything. Today, Ansar Ahmad Shaikh, Roman Saini, Swati Meena, Amrutesh Aurangabadkar, Ankur Garg, Tina Dabi, Divyanshu Jha are the inspiration to youths of the nation.

#1. Ansar Ahmad Shaikh

Credits: Byju’s

In 2016, the 21-year-old Ansar Ahmad Shaikh came through with flying colours when he cleared the 2016 UPSC Exams and became a UPSC Topper. He was ranked 361 in India and he is still the youngest IAS officer till date.

Hailing from Maharashtra, he came from the economically backward section of the society. He made giant strides to become a great officer now. He credited his brother who helped him to reach this respectable position.

#2. Roman Saini

Credits: Brainybull.com

Hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, the 22-year-old Roman Saini became an IAS Topper in the competitive UPSC Exams 2013. He resigned from IAS in 2016, because he is offering free education to all UPSC Aspirants. Roman Saini had also cleared AIIMS entrance exam when he was of 16 years old.

#3. Swati Meena

Credits: Daily Bhaskar

Swati was 22 years old when she cracked the UPSC exams in 2007. She secured 260th Rank and got elected in Madhya Pradesh. Swati comes from Sikar District, Rajasthan.

#4. Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

Credits: Iaspaper.net

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, the 22-year-old Amrutesh secured 10th rank in the UPSC exams in 2011. He was the youngest person in Maharashtra at the time.

#5. Ankur Garg

Credits: e Gov Magazine

Ankur Garg is another youngest IAS officer in this list. He cracked the civil services exam in the 2003 year. Ankur secured the 1st Rank in The UPSC examination and became the supreme IAS officer at the age of 22. It was in Class 3 itself he dreamt of becoming an IAS officer and his dream came true.

#6. Tina Dabi

Credits: Celebrity Curry

Tina Dabi hogged the limelight when she secured the first rank in 2015 exams of UPSC at the age of 22. She belongs to Bhopal, MP.

#7. Divyanshu Jha

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Divyanshu secured 9th rank in the UPSC exams when he was 22 years old. His dream finally came true. His father had told that he has left a high-paying 40 lakh per year job just because of Indian administrative services.