India’s fastest justice?, Bhopal Rape accused get life imprisonment in just 5 weeks

For the first time perhaps in the history of independent India, the judiciary system has given punishment to all 4 accused in Bhopal rape case in just 5 weeks. They raped an 18 year old girl, who was walking along the tracks to the railway station, back home from her coaching class. These culprits kidnapped her, tied her up and sexually harassed her in the middle of the city, which is considered the safest for women.

What made the ordeal worse was when the victim went to a nearby police station in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, the police mocked her incident claiming she was reciting a filmy story. Later on, the suspicious policemen were sacked on negligence of duty.

Photo Source: The Times Of India

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan was on back foot when the media highlighted the matter seriously. Therefater he promised a fast track trial in the matter.

When the judge read out the verdict in the court, the accused remained mum and showed no emotion on their faces. They had apparently no regrets of what they had done, even after knowing that they had been sentenced to life imprisonment.  

“It is a relief to know that the four accused will be in jail till they die, though I would have preferred the death penalty, as it would have been a strong deterrent for others. But, my ordeal has ended, and I want to get back to my normal life,” the victim said.

“I will rejoin the classes, and my aim is to become an IPS officer, which I will prefer even over the IAS. I want to stand on my own feet and never be a subject of pity” she added.

“The court could not have hanged them, let them rot in jail till they are alive”, her mother said..