Separated from parents 14 yrs ago, guy finally reunites with them- Thanks to internet

It is truly heartbreaking to come across stories of children getting separated from parents. This doesn’t happen on purpose as it may have happened due to a different state of circumstances. It was in 2004 when a six-year-old kid Bhagyaban Rath hailing from Odisha was accidentally separated from his family.

Finally, after 14 long years, they’ve been reunited. Emotions poured as they rekindle love and affection after a long long time. It was possible only because of online web search for some time.

Credits: TNN

The incident:

The boy’s father, identified as Kailash Rath, took him from their native Kumaruni village (Kendrapara district) to visit an uncle in the Koraput district which is located 500 km away. After spending few months over there, the two were travelling to home. It was when Bhagyaban Rath was accidentally separated from his father.

Having been separated, Rath was rescued and taken in by an orphanage, thanks to the Shree Jagannath Niketan at Rayagada. The orphanage did a great job by putting him through school, where he ended up clearing Class X in 2015. Post that, he even completed a mechanical engineering diploma in 2018, courtesy orphanage coordinator.

Credits: IndiaTimes

Since his separation, Rath remembered some clues from his childhood, the name of the village and its famous Hanuman temple where his uncle was a priest. But that option didn’t give him the clear picture. He almost got it when he started surfing through Google for any details of the place.

Last week, he finally found the location of the temple he recollected from his childhood. So, he packed his bag with a friend, moved to the village which was about 125 km away. After reaching the destination, his uncle managed to recognise the face of the 20-year-old youth, identified as Rath. He immediately called his parents to inform them that their son had been found again after 14 long years. After seeing his parents, the boy hugged them, in what was an emotional story.

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