‘Goonga Pehalwan’- the wrestler who can’t speak/hear but won India several medals

Back then when India lacked a significant fan-following in Boxing, it was the hearing-impaired Virender Singh who lit up the sport with fire in his belly. Yes, he can’t hear or speak but his results spoke huge volumes. Virender Singh’s really come a long way to show the world that what boxing means everything to him.

Virender Singh carved out a reputation for himself as a successful boxer and is one of best boxers that the country has ever produced. The ever so dynamic Virender is a lethal force whenever he stepped in the ring and is critically acclaimed for his heroic performances.

Credits: Livemint

It’s not just once did he make India proud but on several occasions too. The freestyle wrestler fought the good fight in the 74 kg weight division and much to his excellence, he has won 3 Deaflympics Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal in just 4 appearances.

This sums up the essential Virender Singh for you! He continued dominating the sport when he won Gold Medals which came at 2005 Summer Deaflympics at Melbourne in Australia followed by 2013 Summer Deaflympics at Sofia in Bulgaria and 2017 Summer Deaflympics at Samsun, Turkey.

Also, he also won a Bronze medal at 2009 Summer Deaflympics at Taipei, Chinese Taipei. Virender proved that he is worth the weight in gold when he won the World Title at the World Championship and has Gold, Silver and Bronze each at the three World Deaf Wrestling Championships.

Virender once again won Gold at 2016 World Deaf Wrestling Championship at Tehran, Iran followed by a Silver at 2008 World Deaf Wrestling Championship at Yerevan in Armenia and a Bronze medal at the 2012 World Deaf Wrestling Championship at Sofia, Bulgaria.

He became successful outside India as well. Overall, it is 7 medals at the 7 international events that a prolific boxer Virender Singh has been a part of. In July 2015, he received the most valuable Arjuna Award for his outstanding achievement in sports. Prior to that, he had received the Rajiv Gandhi State Sports Award, awarded by the Government of Delhi, India.

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