Meet Mithun Kumar- From A Backbencher To IPS Officer After Four Failures

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam had once said that the fine minds lie on the last bench of the classrooms and it turned out to be true when a backbencher Mithun Kumar defied all the odds and became the most honest IPS officer of the nation. His interesting story is one that needs to be shared and spread across India.

Mithun Kumar was a backbencher during his school days and there was barely anyone who believed him that he would achieve something in life. But one should remember the fact that life has many twists and turns. You might have seen average students turn to super pros as the time goes.

IPS Mithun Kumar (Credits: Humans of LBSNAA)

It was the same case for Mithun Kumar as well. It’s all because of his sheer hard work, he was able to touch the altitude of success. Speaking to Humans of Lbsnaa, the 2016 batch IPS officer recalled his memory of how he entered into software sector immediately after his graduation to support the family as he was the eldest child with lots of responsibility.

But the software job never gave him satisfaction. After three years of working, he called it quits and his younger brother took up the sole responsibility of running the family. Kumar emphasised that it was his father who gave him the idea of him being a police officer one day inside him and the rest is history.

Since childhood, Mithun always dreamt of becoming a police officer. Whenever he comes across a policeman, he always felt amazed. He was someone who never gave up despite failing four attempts and in the year 2016, he finally managed to crack the civil services exam with a rank of 130. He could have easily opted for IAS and many asked him the same. But Mithun Kumar already made up his mind that he always wanted to be a police officer.

“I wanted to be a civil servant and a police officer in particular. Whenever I saw a policeman on road there would be a spark in me. When I cleared the exams, many asked me why not the Administrative service. I had no answers, I could not explain to them how much the Uniform fascinated me and that I had always imagined myself to be in one,” he said.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.