Mother sells her new-born baby in order to buy an expensive phone with the money

What’s really wrong with people in today’s world? Nowadays, you could sense a massive change in people’s attitude, behaviour with the kind of crazy things they do either with you or to themselves.

In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old mother, identified as Miracle Johnson sold her six-week-old baby in order to afford a new brand-new smartphone with the money she earned. Isn’t it really disgusting and shameful?

Credits: India Times

Mr Johnson Kokumo who is the Commissioner of Police came to know about the crime and confirmed the news, said that it is a ‘serious offence’, according to the reports from Punching.

Miracle Johnson took her baby to an orphanage in Onitsha, Anambra State, for N200,000 (estimated to be about INR 9,77,429). After selling her baby, she then used a part of her money to buy a phone. When asked about this incident, Miracle opened up that she was really frustrated with her husband’s inability to make money for the family. This forced Miracle to take such a horrible decision as she sold one of the two children.

She stressed the fact that she wanted to give the remaining part of the money to her hubby to initiate a new business. “My baby was born on July 2. I sold her due to frustration. My husband was just struggling [to provide for us], reports Punch.

Her husband, on the contrary, opened up that he himself wasn’t involved in this scene and is absolutely livid with his wife’s behaviour. He said, “When she told me about her plan, I told her to forget about it and exercise patience.”

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