Hima Das wins Silver medal in 400 m women’s race, let’s appreciate her

India’s golden girl, Hima Das is going places! She showed that she has got everything in her to compete for the medal and to make the country proud. Much to her grit and determination, she bagged the silver medal in 400 m final women’s race at the ongoing Asian Games 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday. She broke the national record once again. This sums up the essential Hima Das for you!

She was blissfully pleased as punch to have won the silver and she expressed her happiness after her performance. She ran at a blistering pace right from the blow of the whistle and clocked at 50.79 seconds at the competition. She said, “I am satisfied with my performance. I had concentrated on my timing, I got to learn a lot here. I am also thinking about Olympics like other athletes, will try to perform best for India,” Hima was quoted as saying by The Indian Express

Credits: India Times

No words to describe the feelings of this spectacular feat. It is a great achievement for Hima Das who not only made her family proud but also the entire nation when she came through with flying colours. It is a tribute to have such an amazing girl in our country and she has to blossom to take the country in sports to greater heights.

The incredible fight that she put up at the mega event just goes to show that she is determined to win. Her undisputed exuberance also reinstilled faith in women empowerment.

Countless wishes kept pouring in for the golden girl in all snippets of the country. She is trending now in social media for all the right reasons. She has got all the ingredients to produce marvellous results. Let’s hope that she can translate her energy into an Olympic gold medal for India in the times to come. The Youth wishes good luck to Hima Das for her future endeavours!

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