Non-Indian company ‘Apple’ donates Rs. 7 crores to flood-hit Kerala

Apple, which is an American Multinational technology company stepped forward to donate a handsome Rs 7 crore to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF).

The tech giant has also put banners on its featured homepage which allows its customers to contribute via iTunes and do their part for the flood-hit Kerala victims. The contribution is done to the global NGO Mercy Corps (global non-governmental, humanitarian aid organization).

Credits: Universal News Timeline

“We have also activated a donation button on iTunes and the App Store so customers who wish to donate to Mercy Corps’ efforts can do so easily,” Apple said. Apple customers can contribute $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200 to Mercy Corps through credit and debit cards.

“We’re heartbroken by the catastrophic flooding in Kerala. Apple is donating Rs 7 crore to support the life-saving work Mercy Corps India and the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund are undertaking to support survivors, help those who have been displaced and rebuild homes and schools,” the company added in a statement.

Kerala was hit by the disastrous flood situation in 90 years. Due to this worst flash flood situation, around 417 people died and the state encountered a whopping loss of around 20,000 crore. However, the current situation now is not so bad in Kerala.

Life is restoring slowly back to normal and thanks to the celebrities for chipping in with donations, materials and many other things to the sufferers of the calamity. Let’s really hope to see people smile and have some great time in Kerala in the days to come.

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