Guinness World Record: Take a look at World’s Longest Cake- full details here

Day by day, we are stumbling upon different things in life from different countries. When something hits the creativity box, it is bound to go viral all over the internet. Today it was China’s turn to announce it’s arrival as they made World’s longest cake in Zixi, Jiangxi, China according to a report by Chinese outlet. 60 cakemakers along with their 120 assistants took them 23 hours to prepare the longest cake.

The fruitcake measures a staggering size of 3188.621 metres. To put it another way, it is 10,461 feet and 4.26 inches; 12.2 cm high and 10.4 cm wide. China earned the Guinness World Record for making the longest cake in the world. Credits go to Jiangxi Bakery Association that put in loads of efforts to make the cake at the Zixi Bread International Tourism Festival.

Credits: YouTube

The fruitcake identified as ‘China Dragon’ easily broke the previous Guinness World Record for the world’s longest cake by 170m, which was held by Pasticceria DAF in Trofarello, Italy. The Italian cake was baked by Alessandro Fontana on 18 September 2016 and measured 3,018.6 metres.

China Dragon’s ingredients included 45,600 eggs (2,965 kg), 912 kg of white granulated sugar, 1,026 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of fruit and 2,650 kg of fresh milk. The total weight of the cake surpassed more than 8 tonnes. The cost, estimated to be about 200,000 yuan (around US$31,400), was covered by the Jiangxi Bakery Association.

“The Food and Drug Administration of China supervised the cake-making process throughout”, Lin told reporters from Beijing Times. Guinness World Records is very particular about records involving food, specifying that the cake must either be consumed or distributed to local residents after it has been measured. Thousands of local residents tasted the delicious cake afterwards.

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