Shocking: Man with his wife beats his aged father with stick on road- watch video

Money sometimes can blind the human eye to an extent where we fail to see our loved ones beyond it. This is exactly what happened to the relatives of an old man in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh who started beating him on the streets while passer-bys made a video.

The incident came to light when the video was made viral on the internet. As you can see, the old man is on the streets and his relatives seem to be beating him mercilessly with a slipper. The man is clinging to his stick for support but the young relative is paying no heed to that.

The woman also shows absolutely no concern about the old man’s age and is seen hitting him with her footwear repeatedly. The video leaves you upset and disheartened because absolutely no one deserves to be treated this way in their old age.

The video is an eye-opener to a nation that considers elders of the house next to God and treats them with the utmost respect. Such is the blindness of greed sometimes that we forget how important our elders are to us and we end up treating them with such humiliation.

The sight of the old man being beaten with such cruelty leaves us teary-eyed and makes us question humanity. He seems to be trying to defend himself but all in vain as his relatives don’t spare him the wrath.

If we can’t respect our elders when they need us, we don’t deserve to be loved by them when we are young and need their support. We must keep in mind that our elders cannot be treated like doormats. In fact, they must be cherished in the family like roots who bind us all together.

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