Wonderfull! India First Smart City “Magarpatta” is Ready- Catch full news inside

India is certainly one of the fastest developing countries and we couldn’t be happier about the fact that we are focusing on creating smart cities within the country for our citizens. Such places symbolize the country’s growth and make our lifestyles more luxuries.

One such example of a smart city is Magarpatta, a gated community in the Hadapsar area of Pune and it resembles the vibe of a developed foreign city. The idea of creating this smart city was initiated by Satish Magar who realized that the uncultivated land of Pune could be turned into some more refining and developed. Satish bonded with the farmers and hence the idea of ‘Magarpatta’ came into execution.

Magarpatta is the best place to live in Pune and promotes a healthy lifestyle for its citizens. Most of the destinations are at walkable distances which makes it convenient for residents. From schools to IT hubs, all of these destinations can be reached by walking that is not only good for the environment but also helps in keeping the head clear. One need not worry about medical facilities as well as the complex is equipped with a hospital and medical stores along with the airport also being present not very far away in case of extreme emergency.

The price of the flats per square ft. has gone three times higher in the recent time indicating people’s interest towards this smart and convenient life. With education, employment and entertainment being available at such comfortable distances, who wouldn’t want a life like this easy? Not just luxury but the quality of life also increases in this smart city and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact that this is a part of our country.

Magarpatta is the result of our generation’s smart thinking and we look forward to having more such cities in the country.

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