Was ‘Sanju’ A Biopic Or A Propaganda To Make Sanjay Dutt’s Image Whiter Than Ever?

You probably stay under a rock if you are not aware of the Sanjay Dutt biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor and the buzz it has created in the industry. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the movie talks about the rollercoaster life that Sanjay Dutt has lived but the question that this entire movie raises is ‘Why glorify the image of a man who has been accused of being a terrorist’?

The movie as an entertaining factor certainly managed to win hearts but as a biopic, we can’t help but wonder why exactly did Hirani decide to make a movie around a man who was found guilty as a terrorist by the Indian law.

Credits: Hindustan Times

For those who have not seen the movie, we do not intend to give spoilers and hence will leave it up to you to decide but this does not change the fact that Sanjay’s life revolves around just more than drugs and women.

Talking of women, the movie also to an extent justifies him as a womanizer and glorifies the fact that he had uncountable affairs.

The movie also shows his indulgence in drugs by pressure completely ignoring the fact that he was a grown-up man who could make decisions for himself. The movie also fails to describe in detail his exact involvement in keeping illegal weapons and his involvement in the attacks along with his ties with the underworld don.

We all deserve a friend like Rajkumar Hirani in life so when we screw up things and need a public relations manager who can fix our image in front of the society, Rajkumar will just go ahead and make a film.

The next thing you know there is a biopic highlighting the ‘Rollercoaster Life’ of Vijaya Mallaya who took all our money and went absconding but ‘hey, he did live a fancy life that needs to be spoken about’. Just because Sanjay Dutt has had an interesting life in the name of drugs and his links, does not mean we make a movie on it and not just that, the audience also ends up appreciating the movie making it the best weekend opening at the box-office!

It was bizarre how Mahatma Gandhi’s stick was compared to Sanjay Dutt’s AK-56 rifle because apparently even though both of them had these weapons, they never used it! It is also unfortunate how the director has used humour as a mechanism to deal with chapters in Sanjay’s life that would otherwise ideally be full of remorse and regret.

Apart from entertainment, the film holds no other relevance and is nothing more than a marketing gimmick by Hirani and Sanjay Dutt in which Ranbir managed to get his moment of stardom!

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