Islamic Cleric Caught Lying On Live Television by a Hindu Youth- Video Goes Viral”

During this time of communal tension, a Maulvi took the risk of lying on National television and was interrupted by preacher Aryaveer Singh who not only had knowledge of his religion but also tremendous knowledge of Islam.

The incident came to light when a Maulvi mentioned the definition of Kaafir according to Quran which turned out to a lie. The Maulvi did not have anything to say when Arayaveer Singh stated the correct definition from Quran which states that anyone who does not follow Allah or is not a believer should be killed.

The Maulvi claimed that Islam is a peace-loving religion while according to the Quran, the part that has been quoted by Aryaveer Singh, shows a different picture. By no means do we want to demean a religion but the Maulvi cannot change statements according to his convenience.

Here’s what exactly happened during the television show:

Aryaveer Singh’s knowledge of Quran left every surprised including the Maulvi as he did not have an answer to questions asked by him.

The need of the hour is to maintain harmony and that can not be achieved by misquoting things from each other’s religion. We need to accept them, understand the flaws and modify them accordingly to maintain peace.

What do you think about Aryaveer Singh’s questions and the Maulvi’s silence on them? Share your views with us in the comment section!


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