Japanese Officials Apologize to the nation For an Employee Leaving His Seat 3 Mins. Early

A country’s development relies a lot on its officials and people and Japan so far has been doing a very good job. It would be unfair to compare Indian and Japan but we all are aware of how lousy our officers here at the government offices can get sometimes and how we actually go through a lot of trouble while getting our work done.

However, things in Japan are different and government officials take their responsibilities very seriously there. This incident that recently took place in Japan is gaining a lot of limelight on social media because it shows the sincere attitude of this country towards their development and administrative work.

Source: BBC

Here’s what exactly happened:

Senior Japanese officials apologised on a television news conference after it was found out that a civil servant occasionally took his lunch break three minutes early. How often does this happen in our country and when has anyone felt the need to be sorry for it?

The unnamed 64-year-old employee at the waterworks bureau in the city of Kobe would leave his table 3 minutes early for lunch and this is against the rules in Japan. They believe that in order to develop as a country, it is important to adhere to rules and strictly follow times. Kobe city officials described the “misconduct” as “deeply regrettable” and bowed in apology in front of the press conference cameras. “We are sorry,” they added.

This incident should be an inspiration for all the countries who are thriving for development as being disciplined is the first step to it.

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