“Masjids And Madrasas In Kashmir Not Preaching Real Islam”, Aijaz Hussain- National Vice president of BJYM

The Holy month of Ramzan brought along terror nights for Kashmir when two policemen were killed and six security personnel injured in twin-pre dawn attacks on security forces in south Kashmir districts of Pulwama and Anantnag on Tuesday.

Hours after the attack, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Youth Morcha leader, Aijaz Hussain put out a post on Facebook which questioned the teaching of Islam in Masjids and Madrasas in Kashmir.

 “If killing innocent people is jihad , better change molvis of masjids & teachers in madrasas. we need introspection, real Islam is not been taught rightly in masjids and madrasas.”

This is what Hussain wrote in his post and it didn’t take long for this to stir controversy across social media. Hussain’s concern about Islam being preached and propagated the right way holds relevance in today’s time because is the entire religion that gets blamed for the wrongdoings that is done by a specific group of people who only believe in hatred and violence and shield the same behind the word ‘RELIGION’.

Aijaz claims that the ‘maulvis’ are the ones who are responsible for these attacks and misguide the youth on the name of faith. He also argued that the clerics are the ones who are the main culprits and are the reason why Kashmir is suffocating with terrorism.

 “Policemen in Kashmir are earning to feed their families and militants are killing them. Tell me, is killing people for earning a livelihood jihad”?

Aijaz’s questions to the clerics have raised an argument amongst netizens. In today’s time, people like Aijaz are the ones who dare to speak out in the favour of religion and against exploitation that takes places in the name of faith.

Absolutely no religion will preach hate and urge its followers to kill innocent people. It is the messengers of ‘religion’ who interpret it the wrong way and spread the wrong ideologies to people who follow them blindly.

Aijaz replied to his post with the following statement and we honestly couldn’t agree more:

“If running down vehicles on innocents is nationalism. Better give freedom to oppressors.”

What do you have to say about Aijaz’s thought upon the clerics of the religion who are spreading hate in the name of God?


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