American Author gives an epic reply to Priyanka who showed Indians as ‘terrorists’ in her TV show

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has made the headlines for all wrong reasons. Two years ago, at the Emmy Awards 2016, when she was asked to flaunt some dance steps, she made a shocking statement telling that, ‘Indian movies are all about hips and b**bs’. She drew criticism for her statement which didn’t go down well with the Indians.

In what was a disgusting step by Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico series, they tried to depict a non-sensical stuff in the TV series episode that was aired on June 1. It showed that Hindu men with Rudrakshas who are identified as Indian nationalists under Indian government planning a Nuclear attack on Manhattan and blaming Pakistan. Following this, Priyanka Chopra with the FBI team comes to stop it.

Priyanka Chopra (Credits: India Today)

Priyanka Chopra became the first South Asian actress to spice it up in an American TV drama series three years ago. However, her infamous episode that was aired last week showing ‘Indian terrorists planning a nuclear attack’ annoyed many Indians.

The Twitter users termed the plot ‘ridiculous’, ‘nonsensical stuff’ and apart from that, they also slammed the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra by asking her to have shame on herself, while others said that Priyanka has an intense desire or money (money-hungry).

“She has crossed a line with her garbage lying attack on peaceful Hindus. Shame on her!” the group under the twitter handle @HinduAmericans posted on Twitter.

“Wow. Power of the global jihad industry. Tainting Hindu nationalism through #Hollywood to cover up for world’s greatest terror exporter, Pakistan. Amaze. #Quantico” tweeted Abhijit Majumder, a journalist

In reply to Priyanka Chopra, American author Renee Lynn said, “I love America as much as I love India. But I would have never betrayed India in the fashion you did in the recent TV series betraying Indians as terrorists and Pakistanis as victims.

Especially when everyone knew Pakistan is the terror-hub of the world. Why is that the people like you so anti-national get all the attention in the public eye? Where were you when the Hindus were attacked? Why don’t you raise your voice and be a voice for the Hindus.

I’ve been working very hard in my upcoming project to be a voice for India to make a difference in India and also Shreem Sharma from the very popular Instagram page ‘Hinduism for page’ also has been working very hard to make a difference. It would be very nice to have you collaborate with me on my voice for India project and you could be a voice for the Hindus and Thank you. Hindustan Zindabad”

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