When school boy complained about food, principal beats him with iron rod

A primary school in Dehradun is in the spotlight following the ‘unconsciousness’ of a schoolboy after he was allegedly beaten with an iron rod by the principal.

Nasrin Bano who is the principal of Government Primary School in Dehradun district’s Old Dalanwala area is said to have descended on a 11-year-old boy with kicks and blows from an iron rod after when the boy complained about the quality of food served in the mid-day meal, the police confirmed the news.

Image for Representation purpose only (Photo Credits: BCCL)

Rahul is a student of Class V who was eating the noon meal, learnt that the food served was of the worst quality. So, he went to the principal’s office and complained about the meal. The principal got annoyed and she banged him with an iron rod at the spot following which the boy fell unconscious, the police said.

Knowing this incident, Rahul’s friends brought him home and Rahul’s parents rushed to the nearby local hospital. Rahul’s father, Dharmendra Paswan, has filed a complaint at the Dalanwala police station and an investigation has been initiated, the police said.

The victim, Rahul, is undergoing treatment at the Coronation Hospital. According to the police, Rahul’s condition was stable. Rahul’s angry relatives demonstrated outside the primary school.

The school principal who was at the receiving end following the incident was suspended after preliminary investigations confirmed serious injuries to the schoolboy, Chief Education Officer of Dehradun, S B Joshi, said.

Rahul’s parents are extremely angry on the school principal after the latter beat Rahul with an iron rod, an act which is truly not acceptable by any means. Rahul’s mom and dad can now breath a little sigh of relief after coming to know that their child’s condition was stable. Rahul is recovering from the severe injuries and he will hope to get back to school in the days to come.

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